Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Adventure: SQL

Structured Query Language (SQL) is the lingua franca of the database world. It's also a useful and important skill. In this adventure, we will look at its major features and techniques, as well as discover a command-line tool that makes SQL easy to use with our scripts and projects.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Adventures: Coding Standards, Parts 1 and 2

Good news everyone! I have just posted 2 new adventures! In this two-part series we look at bash script coding standards.

In Part 1, we review what a coding standard does and how they work. We next create our own standard called the LinuxCommand Bash Scripting Style Guide.

In Part 2, we look at the new_script program, a bash shell script template generator that makes using our new coding standard fun and easy. Enjoy!

Coding Standards Part 1
Coding Standards Part 2

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Adventure: source

We looked at the source builtin a little in TLCL when we were examining how the shell's environment is established with the .profile and .bashrc files. In this adventure, we will delve further into how to use this feature to support configuration files and shareable function libraries for our bash scripts.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

ICYMI: The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction, 2nd Edition

In case you missed it, the second edition of The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction from No Starch Press is now available. This edition, based on the fifth Internet edition of TLCL contains many improvements and modernizations compared to the first edition.

If you're looking for a more "tangible" version of TLCL, pick up a copy of The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction, 2nd Edition wherever fine books are sold.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

(Not so new) Adventure: Vim, with Vigor

A few months ago I wrote an adventure but I forgot to announce it. In it, we advance our skill with the vim text editor from the beginner level to an intermediate level. This adventure is one of my favorites so far. I learned a lot while writing it.

Vim is a very capable and configurable program. For example, it's easy to configure vim to behave differently according to the type of file it is editing and in this adventure we will configure vim to be optimized for writing shell scripts and plain text documentation files making vim a useful partner when working on the command line. We also introduce a number of powerful editing tricks that make using vim a lot more fun.

You can find the Vim, with Vigor adventure here.