Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm Looking For Reviewers

Sorry about my long absence, but as you will see, I have an excuse:

Hello All,

I have just finished the first draft of a book I'm writing titled, "The Linux Command Line" to be released under a Creative Commons license. With the initial writing completed, it's time for some editing and review. That means I'm looking for folks willing to perform some reviewing. In particular, I need technical reviewers who can gently point out my technical and historical errors, and I need less experienced users who can find areas where my explanations are unclear. Don't worry about grammar and spelling and such, I have a "real" editor for that. At this stage I need gurus and sample users to test this thing.

The book is fairly long (about 475 pages) so a good review will take some time and effort on the part of any volunteers. If you make a serious contribution, I will add your name to the list of contributors in the "Acknowledgments" section of the first chapter. Don't laugh, that's all I got for doing a technical review on O'Reilly's "Bash Cookbook."

Unlike Bash Cookbook however, my book will be freely distributable in PDF format but I am reserving the right to sell printed versions.

Please feel free to take a look at the draft. It can be downloaded from my Sourceforge site at:

If you decide that you'd like to help out with the review, let me know and I will provide further details.

Many thanks!