Friday, July 29, 2016

Announcing The Linux Command Line, Third Internet Edition

Hello Everyone!

I have just released a new edition of my book, The Linux Command Line. This version is mostly a maintenance and modernization release. It also fixes several bugs and clarifies a few things, too.

You can download it here:

Make sure you get the file named TLCL-16.07.pdf.


A word about the PDF version of my book: if you look around the Internet, you will find many people offering the PDF of the No Starch Press edition of my book which is titled, The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction. This PDF is different from my PDF at in  two important ways:

  1. While the content of both books is essentially the same, my version of the book is more up-to-date and contains links to additional resources not found in the No Starch Press edition (which is based on my First Internet Edition). The No Starch Press version also features different typography and layout from my version.
  2. The No Starch Press edition of the book is not freely distributable under a Creative Commons license, so those copies you see are infringing on the copyright, which I consider very impolite.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Adventure: Other Shells and Power Terminals

Two new Adventures! First, we'll look at some of the other shell programs available to Linux users. Most are of historical interest, but one attempts to do bash one better. Learn more about Other Shells.

Second, we'll explore some of the often overlooked features of our most frequently used command line tool-- our terminal emulator. Explore Power Terminals.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Adventure: AWK

Another new Adventure! The AWK programming language is one of the truly classic Unix tools still in wide use today. Often embedded in shell scripts or employed directly at the command line, this powerful and elegant text processing and pattern matching language is a must-have for every Linux user's toolbox. In this adventure, we'll try it out.