Monday, December 14, 2009

The Linux Command Line - First Edition Is Now Available!

After a two year effort, I have released the first edition of "The Linux Command Line" in all of its 522 page glory!

I want to give special thanks to Mark Polesky for his extraordinary review and test of the book, as well as the rest of the review team: Jesse Becker, Tomasz Chrzczonowicz, Michael Levin, and Spence Miner.

Special thanks also go out to Karen Shotts for editing all of my so-called English.

To download the free PDF version of the book, go to and get the file TLCL-09.12.pdf.

You may also purchase a printed version of the book in large, easy-to-read format (which is, in fact, very handy) by going to:



  1. Thank you for your effort. This is indeed a must have for all linux users. And thank you for allow us to download it free.

  2. Thank you for your work on this. I've just downloaded the PDF and scanned the TOC. It looks to be as complete as books like the Wiley Bible.

  3. Hi Bill,

    Thanks again for this great book you put together. As I mentioned on my own blog, it´s helped me a lot... you are a great teacher!

    Can´t wait to get my printed copy!


  4. Hi Chema,

    Thanks for your support! You're doing a good job on your blog, btw. Other LinuxCommand readers may enjoy it too. It's