Monday, May 24, 2010

Site News: 20,000 Downloads And New Series Navigation

A few updates on the state of the site:
  • The book reached the 20,000 download mark over the weekend.  Thanks everybody!  This represents the number of downloads performed from the Sourceforge site, but there are probably more since the book is mirrored at a variety of other sites throughout the world.
  • If you have been thinking about purchasing a printed copy of The Linux Command Line, now may be the time.  Lulu (my on-demand publisher) has a limited time, free shipping offer!  See the home page for details.  You can order your very own copy directly from here.
  • Last week I updated many of my previous blog posts to add handy navigation links for the multi-part series posts.  It is now much easier to move from installment to installment in my popular series.  Included are Building An All-Text Linux Workstation, New Features In Bash Version 4.x, and Getting Ready For Ubuntu 10.04.

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